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4 bedroom starting at mid 500s


Frequently Asked Questions

Eden Gardens has three phases with a total of 255 homes over 80 acres. Homes range in size from a 4 bedroom with 2084 SF, to 8+ bedroom with 6012 SF.

We have up to 90% financing for qualified buyers with our preferred lender, American Momentum Bank. The loans we have set up are construction to perm loans. You can also pay cash, but the title will be transferred upon completion of the home.

Every house and townhome comes with its own pool.

These are not custom homes, walls cannot be moved. However, there are set options offered for each house type which do include the addition of walls and doors – as noted on our website. Additionally, there is an extensive list of available options to the home, including, but not limited to, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, tiles, cabinets, countertops, etc.

Gas lines have been brought to Eden Gardens as well. Phase 2 has an adjacent nonprofit parcel which has a 12,000 sf. shul, Kollel with 8 townhomes, and a men’s/ladies/keilim mikvah.

Phase 3 has a commercial parcel with 18,000 sf permitted, which will include a grocery store, and restaurants.

There are 3 authorized management companies who can operate inside of Eden Gardens. They will also offer property management services and help maintain your home if you are away.

Taxes are based on millage rates for Osceola County. Depending on the home, taxes are expected to range from $4,500 to $7,500. HOA fees will be $465 per month Other costs include home insurance, pest control, pool maintenance, home cleaning, and utility bills.

Pets are allowed in the home. Any pets that are taken out of the home must be on a leash. Homeowners who are planning to rent out their home can decide if renters are allowed to bring pets into the home.

The homes come with a 1 year warranty on finishes, and a 10 year structural warranty.